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  • Protect Our Winters is only as strong as those who jump in alongside with us, so joining POW signifies a pledge that you will become an active participant in fighting climate change.

    Here’s how:

    • Join POW! Your generous contribution is crucial to our success and signifies your active role in helping us fight climate change. Contributors will receive two POW stickers, a monthly newsletter and access to exclusive offers throughout
      the year.  But most importantly, we’ll ask you to take part in collective efforts that need the full participation from all of us.
    • Please let us know about specific issues, news, opinions or ways that we can become involved locally.
      You can reach us anytime on Facebook or at info@protectourwinters.org
    • Help us in your local community. Hold a POW community action event.
    • Sign up for our newsletter and email updates.
    • Become a POW volunteer. Throughout the year, we have opportunities that need extra hands. If you want to donate
      some of your time to a good cause, please email us at info@protectourwinters.org and we’ll be in touch.
    • Please join our Facebook page and become an active participant.  Take minute to read a post, send a letter,
      sign a petition, etc. when it’s necessary. It’s the most effective way we can communicate and mobilize our
      community quickly.
    • Spread the word.  For a free POW sticker, send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.