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Protect Our Winters is a non-profit focused on uniting the winter sports community towards a common goal of reducing climate change’s effects on our sport and mountain communities.

Winter Sports Tourism Is A Driver
Of Colorado’s Economy

Nationally, more than 23 million people participated in winter sporting activities, adding an estimated $12.2 billion in economic value to the U.S. economy, through spending at ski resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and gas stations.

We Need To Act Now To Protect
Colorado’s Mountain Communities From The Economic Effects Of Climate Change

Colorado led the nation with almost 12 million skier visits per year. The 8% difference in Colorado skier visits in lower snowfall compared to higher snowfall years equals $154 million in lost revenue and 1,900 fewer jobs statewide.

By 2100, under a higher-emissions scenario, Rocky Mountain mean snow depth in winter is expected to drop to zero.

Estimated Contributions from
Winter Tourism Colorado (2009/10)

Skier Visits:
Snowmobile Days:
Jobs Supported:
Labor Income:
Value Added:
$1.2 billion
$2.1 billion

POW/Colorado was created to focus on the specific climate challenges facing the Colorado winter sports community and the economies of the local mountain communities that depend on on consistent winters. Our goal is to unite Colorado community members, businesses and resorts to take meaningful action against climate change.


The global climate is changing, and that change is impacting Colorado.


A changing and uncertain climate affects our state’s snowpack, precipitation patterns, temperatures, and food production — all major factors in Colorado’s largest economic drivers. It can also lead to more devastating and extreme weather events and natural disasters like the Black Forest and Waldo Canyon fires, and the floods of 2013.


Coloradans can’t ignore the fact that these impacts are detrimental to our economy.


Our political, business and community leaders should promote sound, forward-looking energy, conservation and climate policies that are good for Colorado’s economy, our communities and our way of life.


Our innovators and entrepreneurs are well positioned to create and benefit from new technologies, which will lead to the creation of new jobs, and to the protection and sustainability of what’s unique about our state.

If you live in Colorado and want to
join this effort, please let us know:

Please join POW/CO to raise the voice of the Colorado mountain communities in the fight against climate change.