We’re not alone in asking President Trump to #KeepParis– the United Nations, G7 World Leaders, and the National Farmers Union all agree.




It has been a few months since we asked you to sign a letter to President Trump, urging him to keep the commitments our country made in the Paris Agreement. Since the election, the news on Paris hasn’t stopped. Earlier in the year, we heard that leaving the Paris Agreement was going to be in Trump’s anti-climate executive order. Rumor has that Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner stopped that from happening. Now, nearly every week, there’s an article (or three!) in the news about a group asking Trump to #KeepParis. Today, we wanted to share with you this week’s news on the different folks that are urging Trump to stay in:

United Nations Deputy Chief says “World Leaders Must Bring Trump ‘back to the Table’ on Climate Change”

G7 Leaders Ask United States to Reaffirm Its Commitment to the Paris Deal

National Farmers Union Urges Trump Administration to Stay in Paris Agreement

In case you missed it, last week US coal companies asked Trump to stick with Paris, and in March, even Exxon Mobil asked the White House to stay in the agreement. We know we need to keep the commitments we made in order to move to a low carbon economy and combat climate change. It’s good to be reminded of the growing group of those also urging Trump to #KeepParis.

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