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A community of more than 50 million passionate skiers, snowboarders, trail runners, mountain bikers, climbers and anglers. Bigger than any state. And when we stand together to protect our playgrounds from the effects of climate change, our voices and our votes will be unstoppable.

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Are you ready to #crushitforclimate ??? Check out protectourwinters and sign up to #crushitforclimate!!! Deets below!
Happy March y’all! We are so stoked to be getting the entire #OutdoorState together across the country this month to #CrushIt4Climate.⁠

What is CrushIt4Climate exactly? Pretty much just like it sounds. This whole month we’ll be heading outdoors to celebrate our favorite outdoor playgrounds - all in the name of climate action. And we’ve got some pretty rad friends joining in the fun. ☝🏼 So follow along, as us and some of your favorite POW alliance members will have challenges to participate in and actions to take these next few weeks to help you crush it. Or, create your own challenges and invite your friends to join in the fun (and track it all in our official strava club). Because if we’re going to continue advocating for our outdoor spaces, we need more people to climb aboard! ⁠

Not only will we be challenging you to crush it outdoors, we’re giving away some badass gear as prizes along the way. So head to our #linkinbio to learn more, tag us in your posts using #CrushIt4Climate and let’s get to crushing it! 💪🏽

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Frustration set in as I scrambled, once again, to the familiar spot that had been enshrouded in ominous fog for the entirety of the week. Gale force winds rendered my tripod utterly useless, at one point knocking me clean off my feet. Although I’ve previously experienced the elements of the high alpine, they somehow seem stronger, more vindictive up here. As I turned tail to leave once more, the clouds parted in an instant. Breathless, I caught first sight of this elusive objective, shining like an otherworldly beacon and more brilliant than I’d thought possible.

I’ve been known to knock landscape photography. Maybe it’s a personal irritation of my own lack of mastery at the subject, or the countless imitators that line up in droves at famous locations, shooting these cherished places to death, monetizing and robbing them of their mystery. Like all assignments, this one tore down some unhealthy preconceived notions, and served as a valuable exercise in patience and humility. I love to be proven wrong.
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In this episode I am talking with lindsaymaine , Director of Policy and Advocacy of protectourwinters , an organization that helps passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change.

I will admit that as an avid outdoor enthusiast, it wasn’t until somewhat recently that I truly made the connection between my love of the outdoors and the importance of protecting it with environmental policy. Climate change has not only environmental but also economic impacts on the outdoor industry that are significant and measurable.

Lindsay and I are talking about the importance of the 50 million outdoor enthusiasts in this country coming together as a unified voice to speak up on behalf of the places and the activities we love. While things like turning off your lights, riding your bike instead of driving and being a conscious consumer can help, the only way we will ever truly make an impact is through policy.
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protectourwinters succeeded in bringing together thousands of outdoor users to take climate action last fall. This month, we hope to grow the #outdoorstate even more by getting everyone to take on a personal challenge.

My challenge has 2 parts and involves my camp footprintsrunning . This month I’m going to read our bookclub book allwecansave and post thoughts about it. Outside, I’m going to train for a fundraiser challenge I’m doing that will be outside my comfort zone and extremely hard. Next month I’m going to run for 12 hours and you’re going to join me.

Check out all the great challenges from athletes and get involved through the link in my bio! #crushit4climate #runfootprints
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