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Absolutely perfect conditions on the Sound today! Hope some of you are out here too!

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Great news! HB 1266 (previously SB 200) officially cleared the Colorado Senate yesterday! Quick refresher, this bill provides a roadmap to implement House Bill 1261, otherwise known as The Climate Action Plan To Reduce Pollution passed back in 2019 (see above for a proud POW moment of the team with @govofco after it was passed). In short, this new bill serves as mile markers to ensure Colorado's critical carbon emission reduction goals are met and implemented - and most importantly - that they are measurable, enforceable, and equitable.⁠

Thanks to the #OutdoorState who took action and contacted their local Colorado representatives, and to our local Colorado alliance members @clare_gallagher_runs & @aplevene for getting the word out! Next up, the bill heads back to the House and then to @govofco’s desk for a signature. Stay tuned, as we’ll keep you posted on what happens with this bill each step of the way!

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A 30 min exposure of the night sky at Yellowstone National Park. With the camera entered on Polaris the North Star you can watch the concentric rings formed by the earths rotation as the stars slowly drift across the sky. Green glowing clouds on the right is light from the Milky Way’s nebula which meets the glow of orange and red from the recently set sun making a celestial rainbow perfect in #pride month.

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