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Life is often a hustle, so if you just have time to read one post, head over to protectourwinters and learn what you can about voting, environmental issues and outdoor initiatives.
I write this from a place of humility. I first volunteered for pow as a high schooler, looking up to local legends and scientists working together. They inspired me to study the earth simply to better understand and connect with the environments I chose to play in.
In the many years since, I have earned a masters degree in climate science, worked as a field ecologist, a ski guide, and as a multi sport athlete. I have ramped up my travel for sport and exploration only to tone it down for my own reconciliation of mindset and body. No meat, less travel, fewer purchases, etc.
Covid has forced the same upon many people, many of whom are far less privileged than I, yet as we look at a new economy and way of life, carbon emissions have only gone down %8. To meet the Paris climate accord we must repeat this reduction for decades to come. Simply put,
small actions can not solve our crisis alone. This isn’t to say they aren’t important, everything we consciously do to do better is valued, but there are places we can make bigger differences with less effort.
As a skier I have watched snowpack lessen, as a cyclist and trail builder I have seen ever more frequent fires take away trails, and as a scientist I have watched numbers tick skyward. If I have to look back in a decade or two and find an accomplishment I am proud of, I hope it will be in relation to getting the cycling community to the table of environmental activism.
Thank you to protectourwinters for having me, to iamspecialized for believing in me, and everyone else for simply making this world a better place.
Learn about the issues in the coming election, make a plan to vote, and encourage others to do the same.
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I’m a patriot to this land, there’s no other option for me. As a Lakota my duty to the stewardship of the Earth is fundamental to my existence. My ancestors have always fought to protect this land, both against those carrying the American flag and while carrying the American flag. The Lakota defeated those who flew the stars and stripes at Little Big Horn, protecting the land that we held sacred, and yet later we raised it in triumph as CodeTalkers protecting this nation in WWII. It is a complicated history and relationship, yet in this moment our path forward couldn’t be clearer, we must fight for the future of these lands once more, and it starts with voting.

Both of my grandfathers fought in the Navy in World War II. One a Lakota man, drafted before he was old enough to even vote, was chosen to protect a country that had not loved him. The other, a son of Irish immigrants, enlisted to protect a land that had offered his people refuge from famine. The bravery and sacrifices of their generation were fundamental to the continued existence of democracy and the inequalities exposed by the contrasts of their experiences as heroes and veterans became a cornerstone of the civil rights movement and American Indian movement.

The fight our generation is tasked with will be similarly vital to the health and freedom of future generations. We can’t go another day further in the direction of climate change denial, we can’t allow the destruction of National Wildlife Refuges, Parks, and Forests for the profit of the few, at the expense of the many who love the land. These places are sacred to us, they bring us together, they inspire us, and they are quite literally the source of life for us all. This fight is long and complicated, but one thing we all must do in order to protect the land, the water, and the #OutdoorState is make a damn plan to vote.

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"Being a part of the outdoor state has shaped me and continues to shape me. It’s not just the physical act of climbing that I feel so passionate about; it’s the lifestyle at large. The exploratory vehicle that climbing provides, the potential to discover and to learn about new places and people around the world, the beauty these places offer, and the connective link it provides to different cultures and experiences makes me smile with curiosity and excitement. Let’s protect the #outdoorstate." ...

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