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If you love the land, make a plan

Get started with our Make A Plan to Vote Tool, and we’ll:

  • Guide you through requesting an absentee ballot.
  • Print your application and mail it to you with a pre-stamped return envelope. Really.
  • Help you plan your approach to the polls for in person voting.
  • Send you reminders to assure you don’t miss any deadlines!

We are the Outdoor State

A community of more than 50 million passionate skiers, snowboarders, trail runners, mountain bikers, climbers and anglers. Bigger than any state. And when we stand together to protect our playgrounds from the effects of climate change, our voices and our votes will be unstoppable.

Outdoor State


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America’s backcountry belongs to all of us. And that’s why we need to do everything we can to include everyone in our fight against climate change. ⁠

Make a plan to vote through the link in our bio. Then tell someone else.⁠
#OutdoorState ⁠

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We are the #OutdoorState. 50 million people strong, united by our love of the outdoors. When we vote together, we’re the biggest swing state there is. ⁠

This election, let’s rally together for the land we love, and vote against climate change. ⁠


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We interrupt this broadcast on the importance of MAKING A DAMN PLAN to VOTE this election, to look at the leaves
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Now that you have....
go #MakeADamnPlan link in bio😉
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