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Giving tuesday

Flip over your couch cushions. Dig through your coat pockets. Check your ski pack. And keep that change from your morning coffee. Any size donation you can give this Giving Tuesday helps POW protect the outdoor places and lifestyles we all live and love. By giving a buck, you’re showing your commitment to protecting the places you live and love. 

Imagine if everyone who cared about climate change impacting the places they loved––that hometown crag, a favorite backcountry line or a weekend trail getaway––tossed in a dollar toward our cause. One dollar doesn’t seem like much, but if we all give a buck, we can make a lasting impact on our favorite outdoor escapes.

“Perhaps the rewards of solving climate change are so compelling, so nurturing and so natural a piece of the human soul that we can’t help but do it.”

-Auden Schendler