300 Miles Melting

300 Miles Melting

Climate change is our planet’s number one threat. And one of its biggest targets is being overlooked: New England. While major ski resorts maintain an image with overwhelming snowmaking, the backcountry of this region paints a real picture of what’s going on. And there’s no better place to look than Vermont’s Catamount Trail, which spans 300 miles up the length of the state.

Enter 300 Miles Melting: A film that follows skier and activist, Torey Lee Brooks, as she attempts to ski—and learn from—the entire Catamount Trail amidst a turbulent winter. Along the way, we meet brilliant minds including Bill McKibben (author and activist), Shelby Semmes (Trust For Public Land), Dr. Liz Burakowski (University of New Hampshire), and Matt Williams (Catamount Trail Association).

Eastern Adventure
 Ovrlnd Studio

Protect Our Winters
Fischer Nordic
Trust For Public Land

Skier + Activist — Torey Lee Brooks
Executive Producer — Connor Davis
Director + Cinematographer + Editor — Ansel Dickey
Cinematographer — Gaelen Kilburn
Editor — Kristin Sundquist

Bill McKibben (Author + Activist)
Shelby Semmes (Trust For Public Land)
Dr. Liz Burakowski (University of New Hampshire)
Matt Williams (Catamount Trail Association)