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From powder to pines, mountain tops to coastal surfs. Not defined by borders, but still crossing paths. United by our natural playground. And, exhilarated by our great escapes. Now it’s up to us to take a stand. Because climate change has reached every backyard, impacting us all, threatening what we love.

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This week @rebeccarusch joined our athlete alliance, and we're stoked to be joining her for her upcoming #GiddyUpForGood Challenge happening this Memorial Day weekend! 🙌🏼 ⁠

"Everesting" is all the rage this season, so why join in the fun!? Your options either on foot or bike include:⁠
• The Queen's Full Everest 👑 🗻⁠
• The 3/4 Everest 🏔️⁠
• The 1/2 Everest ⛰️⁠
• The 1/4 Everest 🌄⁠
• Choose Your Own Elevation⁠

Rebecca will be going for the half Everest on bike AND a quarter Everest on about an effort! 🔥⁠
Last year the challenge helped raise more than $130,000 towards COVID-19 relief efforts, and this year the funds will be donated to organizations working to protect and preserve our cherished outdoor playgrounds, like POW!⁠

Head to our link in bio to learn more and register today.

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Show of hands who’s already counting down to the ‘21-‘22 season? 🙋🏽‍♂️

📸: @brodyleven

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Yesterday we announced our newest member to join our athlete alliance - pro mountain biker @rebeccarusch! ⁠

We thought we'd engage her in a little Q&A to learn more about where she hails from, her biking roots and what drew her to working with POW. ☝🏼

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The #OutdoorState is nothing without our goals. Whether it's peak bagging, elevation gains or everesting, our goals are what keep us motivated, engaged and always ready for the next adventure.⁠

This week is your last chance to help us achieve our goal of reaching $30,000 in donations coming off #CrushIt4Climate. We gained 30,000 new advocates in March, equating to one buck per person! If we hit that goal, we'll get a dollar for dollar match from an anonymous donor! 🙌🏽⁠

Head to our link in bio to make your donation today.

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“On the question of dealing with climate change, specifically, the number of Americans who said it should be a top priority grew from 30 percent in 2008 to 52 percent, a majority, now.” – Galen Druke, podcast producer and reporter for @fivethirtyeight⁠

This week Five Thirty Eight's podcast highlighted tying climate action into the goal of infrastructure reform helps paint a picture of the way systemic shifts that boost quality of life can directly benefit the country’s efforts to curb climate change (which is helping more Americans get behind the cause).⁠

We here at POW have long stated that the cultural shift in thoughts around climate change is crucial when it comes to making an impact. We dive into how this topic is a key pillar in our policy agenda and more in this week's edition of the POW Dispatch. Dive in now through our link in bio. ⁠

📸: @oneill_dm

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