Unite for POW in Paris

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As a community of over 23 million, we need to come together now, like never before. Add your name below to tell President Obama you support robust climate action in Paris and we'll make sure to hand deliver the letter to Washington, DC in advance of the talks.

Dear President Obama,

As we near COP21 in Paris, I want to thank you for your historic action on climate change to-date and to urge you to continue the momentum in Paris. As a member of the snow sports community, I’ve been witnessing the effects of climate change for years. It's not news to me. In my lifetime, I’ve seen shorter and drier winters, inconsistent snowfall, multi-year droughts, wildfires and much more. And for me personally, my sport is in jeopardy, for me and also my kids who deserve to breathe clean air and experience the outdoors like I have.

These impacts have also led to job losses and closed businesses in our beloved tourist-dependent mountain towns in an industry that generates over $62 billion in annual revenue. Furthermore, the reduced annual snowpack means that water, relied on by millions may not make it to them. It’s not just me, global businesses, trade groups and professional athletes have sent the same urgent message.

This is our time, an opportunity to admit our faults, put politics aside and make good on the global community’s overwhelming desire for a cleaner planet. We’re in your hands, and all we can do now is let you know that you have our support to get the deal done. The stakes have never been higher and it’s time to rise to the challenge to inspire innovation and clean energy, and take advantage of this historic moment for us, and our children.

Thank you,