There is so much information out there, it’s tough to know what to do,
much less know that you’re actually making a difference.

We’ll make it super-easy for you. We’ve consolidated the best and most effective actions into one short list. The POW SEVEN is simple and effective. Pledge to do the POW SEVEN once a month and you’ll make a difference.

  • 1. Get Political

    We’re starting off with the toughest one, but arguably the most effective. Once a month, call and/or write your elected officials and ask them to take action on climate change by putting a price on carbon and supporting clean energy legislation. Tell them they will lose your vote if they don’t have a climate action plan. U.S. contact info: SENATE & HOUSE. Don’t vote for candidates that deny climate science or oppose action. Your local League of Conservation Voters ranks US candidates on their environmental positions HERE.

  • 2. Educate Yourself

    Start here: NASA. Then read every day. Read every day. Read books about climate by POW board members: Getting Green Done and Merchants of Doubt. Then talk to people about this issue.

  • 3. Find your biggest lever

    Each of us has unique power in some way. But it’s not obvious. Think about how you can have the most impact on solving climate. Can you join your town council and change building codes? Can you run for your utility board? Are you a teacher or a journalist? Add climate science to the curriculum and to your reporting. Are you a pro snowboarder? Reach out to your peers. Do you have a powerful friend? Talk to him or her. Are you a purchasing director? Ask suppliers what they are doing on climate. Your big lever exists, you just have to find it.

  • 4. Be vocal, bug your friends

    Not everyone wants to hear it, but it’s important that we speak up about climate change to friends, family, coworkers etc.  Have an POW party.  Share this list. Get everyone involved.  Be the local climate activist.  Write an op-ed to your local paper like Jeremy and Gretchen did in the Denver Post – email us if you need help.

  • 5. Talk to businesses

    Ask your favorite businesses what they are doing to solve climate change and tell them you’ll take your business to climate leaders. Do your homework: use the Good Guide before you shop: . Ask the company you work for if they’re committed to running a sustainable business, working with like-minded partners and producing products that are environmentally-responsible. Also ask if they are leveraging their corporate weight to influence policy.

  • 6. Change your life and save money

    Do all that you can. Get a more efficient car. Ride the bus. Insulate and seal your house. Tune your furnace. Buy an energy smart appliance. Put solar panels on your roof. Change your light bulbs. Put up a clothesline. Turn your water heater down to 120 degrees. Use a reusable water bottle.

  • 7. Join Pow

    There is no climate policy in Washington because fossil fuel and Chamber of Commerce money swamps everyone else’s.  The oil and gas lobby spent over $175 million in 2010 – ExxonMobil spent $27.4 million alone, more than what the entire environmental lobby spends annually. It’s not a fair fight. But there are 21 million winter sports enthusiasts in the United States alone. With those numbers, our collective effort can be a major force in the climate battle and your support of POW will help us consolidate our power and mobilize most effectively. Join us. Together we can Protect Our Winters.