POW’s DEI Commitment

Our Common Ground – the Outdoors – Belongs to Everyone

POW recognizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to our work, and we are taking actions that empower everyone in the Outdoor State™ to speak out on climate. We’ve started that work by supporting projects, taking on staff DEI training and committing to continued action through our DEI plan. Ultimately, we are here to listen and learn as we take on the journey of empowering everyone who loves the outdoors.

Our Guiding Principles

The Outdoor State™ is over 168 million people strong – and to effectively protect the outdoor places and experiences we love from climate change, it must represent and be inclusive of the full diversity of backgrounds, identities, connections, activities, ideologies and geographics that unite us. 

POW is committed

to working and partnering with organizations and individuals that represent the full diversity of the Outdoor State™. Our common ground – the outdoors – belongs to everyone. It reveals our unique histories, tells our stories, celebrates the diversity of our country and honors the full spectrum of ways we find connection, meaning and passion in the outdoors. 

POW is committed

to advancing representation and inclusion of historically marginalized and stigmatized communities in the outdoors. While the history of the outdoor movement gave voice and value to a limited few, our future is built on ensuring all voices for the outdoors are heard, elevating those with the deepest histories and closest connections as we listen, learn and unite around our common ground.

POW is committed

to using our influence, privilege, platform and resources to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoor industry and within our organization. We value and promote equity and inclusion of diverse perspectives and are taking intentional steps to advance DEI values in our board, staff, alliance members and partners, and in the outdoor places and values we seek to protect.

CEO Diversity Pledge

POW is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion work across our organization and the outdoor industry at large. As we pursue our mission to help passionate outdoor people protect the places and experiences we love from climate change, we continue to integrate and advance the values and goals of the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge.

A Community Built on Common Ground

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