The POW Alliance

No one perfects a kick-turn on their own. It’s through the guidance, support and passion of the entire outdoor community that we unite over our love of the outdoors.

At POW, we rely on the outdoor community too. We rely on that same guidance, support and passion from athletes, scientists, creatives and forward-thinking business leaders to help protect the places we love.

We call them our Alliance — it’s going to take all of their efforts, and yours, to solve the climate crisis.

Alliance Spotlight


Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca Rusch is an American professional ultra-endurance athlete, seven-time world champion, author, entrepreneur, Emmy Award winner, and motivational speaker whose career has spanned numerous adventure sports. She is a member of the Protect Our Winters Athlete Alliance.

Rebecca Rusch believes that, as lovers of the outdoors, we all have our reasons for wanting to protect them. Whether our justifications are personal, moral or simply philosophical we can all agree it is a cause worth fighting for. However, it can often be difficult to translate that passion into action and to continue to feel motivated when you’re simply one voice. The Outdoor State provides a way for us to amplify our voices collectively. By joining you now have a channel for your passion. Together we are stronger and it is through our strength that we can make the largest impact!

“Today, I am continuing to follow this inspiration and act on climate change. I am so proud and excited to join the Outdoor State and this movement driven by Protect Our Winters. I believe we must advocate for the value of our outdoors, not just as material resources, but as global treasures that deserve to be protected for the good of humanity. Climate change is directly affecting their wellbeing and we must act.”

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We help passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change.

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We believe in putting a price on carbon to reduce emissions, mitigate climate change and account for the actual costs.