Science Alliance

The climate scientists, glaciologists, hydrologists, historians and economists that make up the POW Science Alliance hail from some of the top research institutions in the world.

The Science Alliance brings facts to the forefront of our messaging and our effort to galvanize the outdoor community to advocate on behalf of the climate. By relying on the data collection and analysis of these scientists, we can help the POW community understand and communicate scientific information to their peers.

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  • Dr. Linnia Hawkins

    Dr. Hawkins is a postdoctoral scholar at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and a collaborating researcher at the ‘Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence […]

  • Dr. Holly Barnard

    Dr. Holly Barnard is a Forest Hydrologist and Professor of Geography at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Her research investigates how forest processes affect […]

  • Dr. Jake Kurzweil

    Jake is an ecohydrologist, currently working as the Associate Director of Water Programs for the Mountain Studies Institute and as an Adjunct Professor in the […]


  • Dr. Jude Bayham

  • Marketa McGuire

  • Dr. Andrew Schwartz

  • Dr. Becca Fuchs

  • Alex Lee

  • Charles Post

  • Dr. Alison Banwell

  • Dr. Alix Contosta

  • Dr. Anne Nolin

  • Turn Your Passion into Action

    We believe in putting a price on carbon to reduce emissions, mitigate climate change and account for the actual costs.