Amie Engerbretson


Amie is more than just a professional skier; she’s a dynamic force as a producer and host, turning her passion for skiing and adventure into a thriving career. From her early days on the slopes of Palisades Tahoe to skiing for acclaimed productions like Warren Miller Entertainment and Teton Gravity Research, Amie’s expertise is unparalleled. Armed with a degree in Media Management from Columbia College, she approaches her multifaceted career with focus and determination.

A global adventurer, Amie seamlessly transitions between roles behind and in front of the camera, with a portfolio spanning films, print, videos, and her own podcast, “Long Underwear.” Beyond her athletic prowess, Amie is a committed climate advocate, recognized with the 2021 Alliance Member of the Year award from Protect Our Winters for her impactful work in climate action.

Whether conquering mountains or lobbying on Capitol Hill, Amie’s warm personality and infectious smile accompany her on every journey. With her eyes on the moon, she not only flourishes as an athlete but also uplifts women along the way, grounded in a dedication to hard work.

Amie is currently sponsored by Atomic, Norrøna, Osprey, Palsades Tahoe, Rumpl, Sierra Nevada, Chums, Fatty Smoked Meats and Ikon Pass.


California, USA

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