Bea Kim


Bea Kim is a professional snowboarder and Athlete Alliance member. Growing up surfing, camping and hiking through State and National Parks, Bea discovered a passion for all things outdoors at an early age. Just after her ninth birthday, she was introduced to competitive snowboarding and instantly fell in love with the sport. Originally from Palos Verdes, California, the 17 year old is the youngest member of the US Women’s Halfpipe Snowboard Team and is working towards a 2026 Olympic debut. Earlier this year, she clinched her first ever World Cup podium in Laax, Switzerland, and finished the season third in the overall World Cup standings. While she considers herself lucky to spend most of her days outside snowboarding, she is aware that this may not always be the case as she has witnessed firsthand the environment changing around her. Bea is using her platform to discuss the urgency in finding systematic and legislative solutions to protect our collective future. She wants to share her personal and professional experiences in the outdoors to bring further awareness to the importance of protecting the places we love.



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