Carolina Rubio-MacWright

Trail Runner

Carolina Rubio-MacWright is a Colombian artist, immigration lawyer and activist fighting for immigrant and humanitarian rights based in NYC. Her experience as an immigrant and immigration attorney opened her eyes to systems of oppression and how they intersect with peoples freedoms. She believes ART is the most powerful way of explaining these inequities, she has thus mixed her law and art experiences into performances, installations and workshops that serve a dual purpose – empowering vulnerable communities and educating more powerful ones. She is the founder of Touching Land, a non-profit where participants learn their legal rights using somatic practices and mindfulness as a tool for community-building, collective grounding, healing and power. Some of the workshops use land (clay), food (decolonizing), textiles and running. Some of the workshops take place in Shelters in the US and Mexico. Touching Land also offers a Building Bridges workshops that create cross-cultural connections within our complex communities.


New York, NY

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