Dr. Jake Kurzweil


Jake is an ecohydrologist, currently working as the Associate Director of Water Programs for the Mountain Studies Institute and as an Adjunct Professor in the Environment and Sustainability Program at Fort Lewis College. His research focuses on creating climate resilient ecosystems and water supplies. Jake received his B.S. from the University of Oregon in both Environmental Science and Sociology and, shortly after, began a career in environmental stewardship. He worked as a science educator, ornithologist, and natural resource program manager before returning for his Master’s and PhD in Hydrologic Science and Engineering at Colorado School of Mines.

Jake’s research includes creating as well as implementing monitoring and restoration protocols for wetlands, fens (most dense carbon store of any ecosystem), and springs. He also research ways to geoengineer forests to be resistant to wildfire while hoping to increase water yields. Jake is also currently working on modeling impacts of climate and forest change on hydrologic systems. He has expertise in watershed and snow science, statistical analysis, computer modeling, geospatial and remote sensing analysis, and wetland systems.

Jake is also incredibly passionate about community outreach and STEM education, especially in underrepresented groups. He is currently teaching as an adjunct professor at Fort Lewis College where 42% of the student body is Native American and he works with local tribes including the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute Indian Tribe on restoration, water quality, and natural resource issues.

When Jake is not working, he is typically playing in the ecosystems and communities he serves. On a day off, you can find him in the alpine snowboarding, biking, or climbing with my wife, Hannah, and big dog, Luna.


Silverton, Colorado

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