Emma Hunt


Emma Hunt is an accomplished competitive climber competing at both the National and International level in multiple climbing disciplines.

The climbing community has been a part of Emma’s family for as long as she can remember. She started climbing at the age of 5 and was introduced to the youth competitive climbing scene at the age of 8. She loved the competition community and started competing with USA Climbing at the local and national level.

Emma has been a member of the Women’s Speed National Team since 2019 when she attended and won Open Female Speed Nationals her first Open/Elite Competition at 15 years old.

Since then, she was the first US woman to post 7 second speed laps and is the first and only US woman to post 6 second speed laps. Emma has been breaking her own National Record since the summer of 2019 and has broken it 21 times total. Her current US Women’s Speed Record is held at 6.67 seconds.

In August of 2023, Emma qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games in Speed Climbing at the IFSC World Championships in Bern, Switzerland. She placed second setting her new PR and US Women’s National Record of 6.67 and became the first Speed climber to qualify for the Olympic Games ever.

While Emma is widely recognized for her record-breaking speed climbing, she is also equally psyched on bouldering and sport climbing. She competed in all three disciplines for many years, even podiuming in bouldering and the combined format at the US National and International Level.


Woodstock, GA

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