Ethan Pringle


Raised in San Francisco by two semi-professional windsurfers and outdoor enthusiasts, Ethan was introduced to nature before he could walk. He started skiing in Tahoe at age 3, snowboarding at age 6, and climbing at age 9. Soon climbing captured all his attention, and not much has changed in the three decades since. Ethan simply loves to scale rocks, big and small, and is inspired by obvious and difficult lines, no matter the discipline. Climbing has taken him all over the world, from Europe to Asia, South Africa to Greenland, and after a lifetime spent outdoors, he’s witnessed the effects of climate change first hand- from glaciers in western china blackened by air pollution, microplastics in “fresh” water samples in Greenland, and one drought year after another in the Sierra. Ethan is passionate about finding ways to reduce his impact on the environment, and inspiring others to do the same. 


San Francisco, CA

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