Grayson Murphy


Grayson likes to do things in her own way and that often means trailblazing her own path. She grew up playing competitive soccer through her freshman year of college where she ultimately found that her passion for the sport had died out. After transferring to a new school, Grayson decided at the age of 19 to walk-on to her university’s track/cross-country team in an effort to make new friends and try out a new sport and the rest is history! Grayson graduated from the University of Utah as a 5x All-American and with her Civil Engineering degree in 2018 where she then began her professional running career.

Grayson currently runs for Saucony and competes on all surfaces (mountain, track, road, and trail) which gives her a great sense of freedom, balance, and challenge. She considers herself lucky to be on the Some Work, All Play (SWAP) team and to be coached by the world renowned Coach and personal hype-man, David Roche.

In her first year on the trails and in the mountains she won her first national and world championship titles and along the way, discovered a lifelong love of adventures and passion for the mountains and outdoors. Now, 4 years later, she is a 4x National Champion and 2x World Champion. Grayson currently lives in the beautiful town of Heber, UT where she’s working on her Master’s degree in Natural Resources while also managing her own small business: Racin’ Grayson Paper Co.


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