Dr. Ian Bolliger


Dr. Ian Bolliger is the Principal Quantitative Engineer at Reask, where he builds tools to understand societal, economic, and financial risks from extreme events in a changing climate. Reask is a global leader in forecasting extreme weather risk, providing this data to help insurers, investors, companies, governments, and individuals better manage their exposure to extreme events. Prior to joining Reask, Ian built models for physical climate risks in the financial sector in the Aladdin Sustainability Analytics group at BlackRock. His work on coastal risks have appeared in a wide range of academic, industry, and policy-oriented outlets. Most recently, a model he developed to assess economic impacts of sea level rise was incorporated by the U.S. government into the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases (SC-GHG) – a metric used to quantify the benefits of proposed federal climate regulation.

Ian has an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University, a Master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley, and a PhD in Energy and Resources, also from UC Berkeley. Outside of work and POW, Ian volunteers as a ski patroller and avalanche instructor for Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol. He also serves as a mentor for Terra.do, a climate education organization helping mid-career professionals transition to a career in climate-related fields.


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