James Joiner

Writer, Photographer, and Filmmaker

After living like a feral animal for the first half of my life, I finally settled down, started a family, and tried to figure out how to function in (semi) polite society. It’s a work in progress. I recently abandoned a thriving journalism career that had culminated in senior positions at Esquire and the Daily Beast to re-focus my editorial talents on finding and telling tales that inspire and entertain outside of the regular nonsensical news cycle, while devoting much of my time to helping conservation and environmental groups get their messages across is a way that’s both engaging and educational. I believe great stories rise to the top and will stand the test of time, and that our best hope against the idiocy, greed, and evil looming all around these days is to laugh, live, and thrive in spite of it while ceaselessly fighting back. My stuff has appeared in Rolling Stone, the Atlantic, Monster Children, the Flyfish Journal, and everywhere in between, and I’ve been lucky enough to work closely and develop relationships with like-minded folks including Patagonia, Yeti, KEEN, Wilderness Systems, Specialized, and more. I’m also honored to be an ambassador for 1% for the Planet, and firmly believe you should go right now and sign up for one of their individual memberships, if you haven’t already.


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