Nathan Monte


Nathan Monte is originally from Orange County in Southern California. While living in California, he found climbing at a local gym where he had his 12th birthday party. Soon after, he got memberships with his Dad until he found out about the climbing team they had and promptly joined. Throughout Nathan’s tenure, he was a youth coach, a routesetter, a front desk employee, and a summer camp counselor. He was put into a leadership position early on as he was given the responsibility of Team Captain. In 2022, Nathan moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in pursuit of his dream of becoming an Olympian in Sport Climbing. Nathan is not one to shy away from going all-in on what he believes are the best decisions for his life. Even though big decisions can be scary, he has a deep-rooted belief that if he sees a ton of potential upside in doing something, he will do it and figure out the challenges along the way. Currently, Nathan is 20 years old, and perusing his climbing dream, majoring in Psychology at the University of Utah, and now building his brand on social media platforms and desiring to become an impactful climate advocate.


Salt Lake City, Utah

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