Brennan Lagasse

Brennan Lagasse

Writer and Educator

Brennan Lagasse has been working on sustainability issues for the past two decades. His most recent multi-year effort focuses on the many intersecting issues surrounding protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Leveraging his diverse skill set, Brennan continues working with the Gwich’in tribe and other Arctic Refuge allies to raise awareness, and get people activated around the implications involved in allowing the last 5 percent of protected land on the Alaskan North Slope to be lost like the other 95 percent to fossil fuel development. Brennan has brought college students to the Arctic Refuge to learn from the Gwich’in about their culture and the Refuge. He has also published words and photographs with several media outlets about the importance of protecting this unique place and looks forward to working with POW on several climate solidarity fronts. In his role as a ski guide, Brennan works in the Sierra Nevada, Alaska, and internationally on an annual basis in places like Antarctica, Greenland, and the Himalaya. He has experienced the effects of climate change firsthand in these places and continues to advocate for and support the current cultural shift of adventure athletes and the greater global community to understand how climate change affects all, and how to be a part of the solution. 


California, USA

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