Sam Linnet

Trail Runner

Sam Linnet is an endurance athlete that skis in the winter and runs in the summer. He serves as a city councilmember for the City of Hailey, where he tries his best to pass local climate legislation, update archaic zoning codes, and provide affordable housing for his community.

He attended The College of Idaho to downhill ski race, run track and field, and study environmental science. After graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and being confused about why most of our environmental issues had scientific solutions but weren’t being solved, he attended the University of Idaho and earned a M.S. in Environmental Science and a J.D. During graduate and law school, Sam traded downhill skiing and sprinting for backcountry skiing and ultrarunning. He moved to Hailey, Idaho in 2016, with his wife, Molli, two kids, and dog.

Sam currently runs for the Gauge 20 Running team where he trains for ultramarathons, FKTs, long ski traverses, family bike tours, and trash talking his least favorite teammates (I’m talking about you, Nate Bender). He prefers self-supported adventures to races, but the ultrarunning community lures him to at least a few events each year as a racer, pacer, or volunteer. He believes strongly that we need more people in the Outdoor State to run for public office.


Hailey, ID

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