Stacey Cook


Four-time Olympian Stacey Cook has been a member US Ski team for the last fifteen seasons. Stacey describes herself as resilient, relentless, and fearless. She raced just 5 days after a high speed crash during a training run at the 2010 Olympics that resulted in a helicopter medivac. Did we mention she’s fearless?! When not tearing down a race course on two planks, she is exploring exotic destinations, and earning her Business Degree through a distance learning program. She’s a big fan of mixing up her training regimen with long-distance hikes and mountain and road rides in the Eastern Sierras.  Stacey is a big-time positive impact player in her community. A committed environmentalist, Stacey also fights the good fight by trying to reduce her footprint daily and as hybrid vehicle owner!


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