Sanuk’s Collab Collection to Support POW

Sanuk’s Collab Collection to Support POW

Collab products help grow POW’s reach with new consumers and create awareness for our work in a commercial space that is most of the time devoid of calls for advocacy. Sanuk structured its partnership with POW around a fall 2023 shoe collection, that put us in front of its customers in a meaningful way that included a specific call-to-action for engaging in our work.

The Sanuk team took great care to ensure the collab incorporated unique design elements that supported both brands. It also recruited two new ambassadors, Michelle Parker and Danny Davis, both POW Athlete Alliance members, to be a part of the collab launch. Danny and Michelle added legitimacy and familiarity to the collection, and made it much easier for POW to share out to our audiences.

POW is leading the charge in climate change advocacy on behalf of those who enjoy the outdoors the most, working tirelessly to bring about policy change to benefit our happy places. Our core brand values and their mission go hand in hand and we are honored to bring this collaboration to life.

Katie Pruitt, Sanuk Brand Director

In addition to pointing its customers to the collab for purchase, Sanuk also shared out POW’s Crux Academy Climate Advocacy Curriculum, creating a deeper connection between them and our work.