Protect the Dolores River Canyon

Protect the Dolores River Canyon

Nestled within the heart of Colorado, the Dolores River Canyon and surrounding lands stand as a testament to the state’s natural beauty, boasting magnificent landscapes rich in the indigenous history of the Ute people. These beloved public lands offer a wealth of natural and cultural resources, drawing both local outdoor enthusiasts and those who travel seeking adventure through activities such as rafting, hunting and exploration.

However, these wild public lands face growing pressure from mining and other extractive interests with imminent threats from proposed oil and gas development The local communities have been working to protect portions of the broader landscape for decades. More recently, the local counties of Montezuma, Dolores and San Miguel, have supported a proposed National Conservation Area (NCA) bill that would protect over 68,000 acres of public lands in Colorado just south of lands being considered for a national monument.

Join us in writing a letter to your members of Congress to ensure the protection of the Dolores River Canyon’s natural landscape through the proposed designation of a National Monument as well as the passage of the Dolores River National Conservation Area and Special Management Area Act. 

Thank you for helping us protect the places we love most from fossil fuel development! Together, we can ensure that the Dolores River Canyon and surrounding areas continue to thrive as a place of natural beauty and recreation for generations to come.