Climate Activist's

Now more than ever, it’s important that we all be climate activists - doing everything we possibly can that will force positive change. You’ve made the first step by coming here, now let us show you the rest of the way.

Find Your Biggest Lever

Becoming an activist is about finding your biggest lever for change. What’s yours?

Think about it:

  • Do you own a business?
  • Do you work at a company that could change its practices?
  • Do you have a large social media following?
  • Are you a writer? Scientist? Both?

We all have a lever, we just need to use it.

Get Political

A. Thank your members of Congress.

Thank your members of congress for being progressive on climate.

Make a Call

B. Hold your members of Congress accountable.

“I vote, live in your state, and I care about climate change. Will you take action on climate change? Why haven’t you been working on this issue?”

Make a Call

C. Do the same for your governor.

D. Schedule A Visit.

Schedule a visit to your senator, representative or governor’s office (locally or in DC). Tell them you care about climate change and ask them what they’re doing about it.

E. Attend a Local Town Council Meeting.

Ask what your community is doing about climate.

F. Run for Office or Get a Friend to.

If we’re going to win on climate, we need more people like you in office.

G. Take this Immediate Step:

Click here to take action

Act Now

Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power.
Read these websites daily:

Speak Up

A. Share POW’s social posts to your networks:

B. Talk to your friends and family about climate change.

C. Write a letter to the editor or an op-ed to your local paper about climate change & the need to act.

Learn How

D. Join the next local or national street march.

Talk To Business

Ask the company you work for if they’re leveraging their corporate weight to influence climate policy – get your CEO to take a stand.

Join the POW CEO Alliance

Support companies that put the environment first. Check out partners that support POW, and learn more about 1% for the Planet.

Our Partners

Change Your Ways

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint 20% each year. Eat less red meat, take public transportation, buy an energy efficient car. Reduce your energy consumption at home: install solar panels, use energy smart appliances, change your light bulbs, take shorter showers. Read more.

Measure It

Join POW

Joining this movement takes many forms.
Pick one. Or more.

Spark a Conversation

Get a POW sticker or other gear. Wear it with pride, show you care and help fund our programs.