Frequently Asked Questions



What exactly does POW do?

Protect Our Winters turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. POW leads a community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders to affect systemic political
solutions to climate change.

Our policy agenda consists of a four-pronged approach to climate solutions including clean energy, clean transportation, carbon pricing and protecting public lands from fossil fuel extraction. We’ve chosen to focus on these four areas because of their broad reaching impact to climate, their possibility for success in policy and their ability to be enacted on the individual and collective scale.

Want to see what else we got up to last year? Check out our 2018 annual report for all the details!


I believe the climate crisis could be solved if we just did X. Why won’t POW talk about it?

When it comes to solving climate change, there are thousands of actions we could take to make a difference and we believe that there is no silver bullet solution. Not only do panaceas ignore the complexity and multi-faceted nature of climate change, they actively shut down conversation and intersectional problem-solving. Solving the climate crisis will require many solutions enacted simultaneously. While we support individual actions like diet and travel choices, it’s not necessarily what you’ll see us talking about. Because we only have so much bandwidth for action and conversation, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on large collective and political action to enact broad-reaching systemic solutions to climate change. We believe a carbon-neutral economy and clean energy future are achievable if we can change the system through big policy changes.

We hope you’ll understand that just because we don’t talk about a certain problem or solution doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge its impacts on climate change and the climate movement. We’d love to talk about everything if we could, but have found our work to be more effective when it’s focused on a handful of impactful solutions. It’s our goal to bring you, our dedicated community, the most effective and impactful work we can. And that’s what you’ll see us continue to do.


Your stickers are rad! How do I get my hands on one?

All of our stickers are available for purchase on our website. Want a sticker, but we’re out of stock? Send a stamped/self-addressed envelope to:

Protect Our Winters
4676 Broadway Street
Boulder, CO

And we’ll send one in mail.



Can I make a donation in someone else’s name?

Yes! Just head over to the donate page and select the button that says “I’d like to make this contribution in honor or in memory of someone,” then enter honoree name and whether or not you’d like to notify the person.


Can I make a donation from a country other than the U.S.?

Absolutely! On our donate page at the bottom of the white box, select “Donate with PayPal.”


Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Absolutely! Just reach out to [email protected] with your request, name, email address, billing address and phone number and we’ll send a receipt your way.


What is POW’s EIN? 



I want to donate to POW, but I need to know where the money goes. What’s your funding breakdown?

Check out our donation page for a full breakdown of our 2018 spending, or head over to our 2018 annual report to see what we accomplished in 2018 with the support of our donors.



I love what you all are doing. How do I get involved?

Sign up to become a volunteer! We’ll keep you up to date on everything POW is getting up to and let you know how you can take more action and participate in events.


I’m doing a research project for school and need assistance or interviews. Can I set up a call or interview with POW?

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for school projects we are unfortunately unable to offer assistance or interviews at this time. Please check out our 2018 economic report for information on the impacts climate change will have on the snowsports industry, our policy agenda for more information on our specific work and our 2018 annual report to see all of our accomplishments last year.


I’m hosting an event and want to get POW involved. What do I need to do?

Just fill out this events form and we’ll get back to you in 1-2 weeks with our availability!


I’m part of an awesome club or campus organization. Can I get some swag to pass out at our meetings?

Yes! All you have to do is make a $25 donation to POW and send your forwarded receipt and a description of your request with full name, address, email and phone number to [email protected] and we’ll hook you up with 100 POW stickers.


Does POW offer internships and how can I apply?

We do offer internships intermittently every year based on our needs as an organization. Please fill out this form and we will reach out when we have open internship opportunities.


I don’t see a POW chapter in my country. Can I help get one started?

We’re stoked on your enthusiasm and we’re building capacity to grow at an international scale, but right now we’re unfortunately unable to open new international chapters. However, we’d love to have you on retainer for when we’re ready to expand! Please fill out this form and we’ll contact you when we start adding new international chapters.


I see POW is based out of Colorado, but I’d like to start a local chapter somewhere else in the U.S. How can I help?

We’re looking at how POW volunteers can get more engaged all over the country. While we’re working to build communities of like-minded POW supporters we don’t currently have regional chapters but are still in need of regional volunteers. The first step is to sign up here to volunteer and we’ll follow up soon with more ways to get involved!


I’ve already signed up to become a volunteer. What other actions can I take to support POW?

Check out our activist roadmap for direct actions you can take to help fight climate change and learn more about the states we’re working in 2019. You can also consider becoming a POW member by making a one time donation or making a monthly contribution.