Going Solar with Sunrun

Sunrun – the largest residential solar company in the United States – has joined forces with Protect Our Winters to continue the push for a future powered by renewable energy. For every new customer that signs up for solar installation or service through POW’s unique Sunrun portal, Sunrun will donate $350 to POW’s efforts to combat climate change through better energy policy.

“We believe in POW’s efforts to raise awareness for clean energy policies and promote the transition to renewables, especially solar,” says Eric Lovely, residential solar consultant for Sunrun. “This partnership is a win-win. By donating some of our profits to fund their work, we can help amplify their message, reach new customers, and get more clean energy onto the grid.”

POW currently advocates for a clean-energy economy and solar power through active and ongoing policy campaigns in fair net-metering rates, the continuation of solar tax credits, and increased state-level renewable portfolio standards. Recently, POW athletes Caroline Gleich, Brody Leven, and Forrest Shearer testified in front of the Utah Public Service Commission in Salt Lake City to fight a roll back threatening net-metering. The partnership from Sunrun will help drive POW’s involvement with solar policy even further.

“The biggest market barrier to solar is upfront cost,” says Lovely. Sunrun offers solar panel service with no upfront costs, free energy monitoring, and panel maintenance for 20 years. Sunrun also offers ownership options with service plans that take the high cost of investing in solar out of the equation. “If you are a homeowner, it’s worth our time to see if you qualify for solar even if your roof doesn’t face south. Our technology has improved to the point where we can make solar work in less than ideal sites,” adds Lovely.

Todd Ipsen, professional civil engineer and avid outdoor enthusiast has had Sunrun panels running his home since February. “Even more than the money, it’s nice to be using cleaner energy,” says Ipsen.

Generally, Sunrun can offset all home energy consumption with solar. Residents almost always pay a lower energy bill after installing panels on their homes, with many saving 20 percent or more. “Federal policy is not going to favor solar the next few years, and we encourage homeowners to take a stand and do something,” says Torrey Udall, Development and Operations Manager for POW. “We are thrilled to promote such an amazing clean energy opportunity.”

While Lovely’s own experiences as an outdoor adventurist inspired his involvement in the solar movement, customers choose to go solar for a whole host of reasons. “We’re just trying to give people a choice,” says Lovely. “For some people, it’s only about savings. For others, it’s about standing up against dirty monopolistic utilities. It doesn’t matter why someone wants to go solar, but we want to be there when they do.”

Anyone in the POW community interested in exploring their options for residential solar installations are encouraged to visit http://www.gosunrun.com/Protect-Our-Winters and schedule a consultation.

To learn more about POW’s solar policy initiatives, check out our Policy Agenda here.