Jonnah Perkins

Backyard Stories

A Podcast Series by Jonnah Perkins

The Backyard Stories follows five athlete and athlete-farmers on an adventure on their home trails to learn why their landscape is meaningful to them and what ecological threats it faces. Trail Runner Magazine has featured this collection of stories through an audio dispatch, written story and photography created by POW Athlete Alliance member, Jonnah Perkins. Through vulnerable narratives of those stewarding and protecting our wild and cultivated lands, we learn how we can all have a closer relationship with our home playgrounds while generating momentum for national and global action in the fight against climate change.

Click on each episode below to listen to Backyard Stories:

Episode 1 — Stephanie Howe
Episode 2 — Kimo Laughlin
Episode 3 — Dani Reyes-Acosta

Episode 4 — Nick Brown
Episode 5 — Mike Foote
Bonus Episode — POW Executive Director, Mario Molina


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Backyard Stories Finds Connection through Land

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