Get Out to Vote with Sonoran Avalanche Center

Memes to inspire voting by Len Necefer

What does an avalanche center do when the snow is gone forever? Make memes and get out the vote for climate. For decades Mt. Lemmon, located near Tucson, Arizona, has held the title of the southernmost ski resort in North America. You can see Mexico from the top of its only lift. Mt. Lemmon’s astonishing four weeks of the West’s finest corn skiing has deteriorated over the decades due to a warming climate. Now, it’s a miracle if the mountain opens at all.

The Sonoran Avalanche Center was born from the ashes of the burnt sticks of P-Tex and the Saguaros of Mt. Lemmon following a devastating wildfire in 2020. There’s never been enough snow to give a meaningful forecast and that will most likely continue to be the case in the future. The Sonoran Avalanche Center’s role is to motivate people in northern latitudes to get out to vote for the climate. During the 2022 midterm elections, the Sonoran Avalanche Center leveraged its meme armada to create compelling and engaging content to get people out to vote.


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