Moving Colorado Towards Renewable Energy

When it comes to adding more renewable energy in Colorado, Xcel Energy is the biggest game in town. Over the next four years, Xcel has proposed adding two gigawatts of renewable energy to the power they supply, all while retiring two coal-fired power plants. What does that mean exactly? They want to add the capacity to power 600,000 homes (yes, that’s more than all of the houses in Denver) on renewable energy.

But, right now, this idea is just a proposal. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) needs to approve the idea. We need our Colorado members to join us and take five to submit a note of support.

We know this proposal is crucial to transition POW’s home state to a clean energy economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a stable climate (and snowy winters).

What else? Renewable energy just keeps getting cheaper, so we expect these changes will lower energy bills for Coloradans. And, this plan will also better our public health as coal-fired power plants emit air pollutants from mercury to arsenic. So, we can protect our climate, lower our energy bills, and better public health? We’re in.

And yes, of course, part of the approval will absolutely be talking about how to transition our state’s coal workers with training and well-paying jobs.

Xcel’s plan supports renewable energy, cleaner air, and a diverse energy mix, making it a smart investment for the future. Help us support it by submitting comments today.

Want to learn more? Here’s the announcement from Xcel Energy and an article explaining the proposal from the Denver Post.