Our Democracy Is Stronger Because You Voted


Good morning! The sun is lighting up a brand new day, and we couldn’t be more proud of every single member of the Outdoor State who showed up to vote and let their voices ring loud and clear. Our democracy is stronger because you did.

Much like life in the vertical world, it’s the last push where we must remember to breathe and continue to count our steps. There’s still work to be done and that’s completely normal.

No matter the year, an election isn’t over until every vote is counted. Let’s take a deep breath, reflect on the privilege of living in a democracy and let the process do its thing. 

Elections are decided by you, the voter, so before getting outside today (which I highly recommend), please hop over and add your name to #ProtectOurVotes. This week, we are protecting our democracy so that we can continue to Protect Our Winters. 

Until every vote is counted,

Mario Molina

Executive Director, Protect Our Winters