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Putting a Price on Carbon

We believe in setting an economy-wide price on carbon. Instead of fighting individual legislative battles one regulation at a time, putting a price on carbon is a comprehensive strategy to reduce emissions, mitigating climate change. It accounts for the actual cost of burning fossil fuels, creating a more competitive market for clean energy sources.

The Policy Details

We know, carbon pricing is a pretty dense topic. Especially when there are so many ways to go about it, like carbon taxes, carbon fee & dividend, polluter penalties and cap and trade schemes (still with us?). We’re supportive of all of these options, knowing it’s important to appeal to a diverse group of elected officials and constituents.

Just Transition

We’re especially supportive of carbon pricing proposals with a ‘just transition,’ where funds are utilized to transition to a low-carbon economy and secure workers’ rights and livelihoods. AKA, as we transition to a carbon neutral economy, our standard of living should increase––for everyone. 

No Silver Bullets

Some proposals suggest a carbon tax in place of ANY carbon regulation, and we’re not about that. Like so many of the solutions to the climate crisis, we know that none of them will work in a vacuum. We believe that carbon pricing paired with strong environmental regulations is the best way forward.

Active Campaigns

Getting involved to save the places you love isn’t a chore, it’s just what you do. Our campaigns are designed to provide meaningful actions that effectively grow, engage and mobilize the outdoor community to create an impact.

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