Phone It In

Have you ever made a phone call to Capitol Hill to show your support
for something you truly believe in? Thought so. And you’re not alone.

Did you know that making a call to your elected official is the most effective way to have your voice heard? So, let’s do this. It’s easy, and it’s not scary, we promise. We’ll even give you a script; all you need to do is make the call. Here’s how to get started:


We’re guessing you want to call because you want to talk climate change and the importance of protecting our winters. What do you want to specifically discuss? If you’ve got a policy issue in mind, jot down a few notes. If not, use a handy script from one of our campaigns or start here:

“Hi. My name is (Jerry) and I am from (city, state). Today I am calling to urge the (Senator, Representative, City Councilor) to support climate change policy. I am a (skier, snowboarder, outdoor enthusiast), and I care about the future of our winters. Here are a few facts I want to share with you:

  • If we don’t act on climate, temperatures are expected to quickly rise, resulting in shorter snow seasons and decreased snowpack as snow levels rise and precipitation falls as rain (or not at all).
  • In low snowfall years, the winter tourism economy loses $1.07 billion dollars of revenue. (Climate Impacts on the Winter Tourism Economy in the United States, 2012)
  • The snowsports industry generates $66 billion annually and supports 965,000 jobs. (Outdoor Recreation Economy Report, 2012). This industry, along with the larger $646-billion-dollar outdoor recreation economy, is threatened by climate change.

We must act now to protect our climate and our slopes for future generations. Please relay this message to the (Senator, Representative, City Councilor). Thanks for your time and consideration.”


Find the right contact information. Scroll down to find the digits you need.

Remember, it’s your elected official’s job to listen to you, their constituent. Whether you get an answering machine or a staffer on the line, you simply share your opinion. No one debates you back. You’ve got this!

Contact Information:





How many of your friends call their elected officials? Call them out! (No pun intended…) You just took direct action, and we think that makes you pretty awesome. Don’t forget to tell the world, and encourage your community to make some calls, too.