POW Riders Alliance Athletes Catch up with Climate Scientists and Politicians to Talk Climate Change

In case you missed it…

You may have noticed our POW Riders Alliance athletes have been catching up with climate scientists, politicians and other stakeholders in the fight against climate change to better understand the issues and find out what is truly at stake. Catch our last two Facebook Live events below, and stay tuned for more coming your way, soon.

In February, Olympic Medalist and POW Riders Alliance Pro Alex Deibold headed to the Colorado State Capitol in Denver to meet with Representative Mike Foote to talk about climate change, learn more about how we can seek progressive action within the current political landscape, and find out what we should really do about climate deniers.



Earlier this month, POW Riders Alliance pro Jake Black headed to Boulder to meet with POW Science Alliance member, Director of the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) and a Professor in both the Department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Dr. Jim White.

Dr. Jim White and Jake Black talked about what’s at stake if budgets get slashed, science data disappears and why we must take a stand to defend climate science, now more than ever.