POW Staff Picks

At POW, we’ve got an incredible network. Between our board and various alliances, we have some of the top thinkers and scientists in the climate realm, and among our athletes, we have some of the top activists. So we thought we ought to share the wealth of their knowledge with you. To that end, we’ve started a regular resource curation called POW Staff Picks that consists of a few links and short commentary by folks in our network. Enjoy!

March 2019

We’re kicking off March (and our inaugural post) with board member Auden Schendler, Senior Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company. This climate rabble-rouser was recently featured in the Mountain and Prairie podcast at POW’s invitation.

We’ve also been reading a lot lately about two things:

1.) The increasing urgency of the need for climate action (we’re going to hit 415 ppm CO2 this spring–that’s crazy).

2.) The problem with individual non-political action as a perceived solution. This article gets at those issues. The author David Wallace-Wells wrote a piece about climate catastrophe for New York Magazine that was the most read piece in that magazine’s history. He has since turned it into a book, referenced in his byline.

Here’s another great piece on the problem with individual measure.

We’ve also been listening to the podcast “Drilled,” about the fossil fuel industry’s astounding deception and incredibly skillful manipulation of the public and the media, which we didn’t know about until Jeremy Jones insisted we listen to it. This is easy to get through in short episodes and deals with the problems around scale and the limits of personal action outside the political realm.

Last, we all need to better understand the Green New Deal, and who better to explain it than grouchy energy guru David Roberts. Warning: This post is insanely long but worth it.

If you manage to read everything linked above, you’ve basically given yourself a grad school class in modern climate science and policy. Congratulations. With that, go make your turns!