POW Summer Staff Picks

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The Toughest Test We’ve Taken Since O-Chem

Okay, that headline might be a slight exaggeration, but this test is seriously tough. Sure, we know that remembering a reusable coffee cup has less of an impact when it comes to solving the climate crisis than, say, passing some big climate policy, but what about cutting down on food waste vs. installing onshore wind turbines? Or using water more efficiently vs. building with ‘greener’ cement compounds? There are a million ways to go about solving the climate crisis, so how do the solutions really stack up?

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Ted Radio Hour: Climate Crisis

Pour your tea, plug in your headphones and settle into an hour of exploration on how to save our planet.

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Why Trust Science?

POW board member and Harvard historian, Naomi Oreskes answers this question in her forthcoming book. Tracing the history and philosophy of science from the late nineteenth century to today, Oreskes explains that, contrary to popular belief, there is no single scientific method. Rather, the trustworthiness of scientific claims derives from the social process by which they are rigorously vetted. This process is not perfect—nothing ever is when humans are involved—but she draws vital lessons from cases where scientists got it wrong. Oreskes shows how consensus is a crucial indicator of when a scientific matter has been settled, and when the knowledge produced is likely to be trustworthy. Why Trust Science is available for pre-order now!


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Most Captivating Role Yet

If you thought Arnold peaked in Terminator, have we got a video for you. Check out his latest “film” as he goes undercover as Howard Kleiner, car salesman extraordinaire.

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How a Mainer Skis Utah

Our resident Mainer passed along this video after a whirlwind tour through New England and successfully working with Maine lawmakers to pass a handful of climate bills. Honestly, the non-Mainers in the office don’t fully understand what is happening here, but we know we love it.

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And finally, this summer’s best climate meme: