Tracking Receding Glaciers through Art

Tracking Receding Glaciers through Art

Every August for the last 15 years, Creative Alliance member Jill Pelto has joined her father, Dr. Mauri Pelto (a POW Science Alliance member), on a backpacking trip to the North Cascades.

This is not only an adventurous father-daughter trip in the PNW, but an expedition with a clear, meaningful purpose – to track receding glaciers in the area. Jill and her father run the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project, founded in 1984 to identify and communicate the response of regional glaciers to climate change.

As a Professor of Environmental Science and the Director of the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project, Dr. Mauri Pelto is going there for scientific research and observation.

Although Jill holds a Masters in Earth and Climate Science, she is tracking the glaciers through a much different lens. She is an artist, aiming to portray the vanishing glaciers through a series of paintings. (Check out more on Jill’s website:

This is the intersection of art, climate science and the outdoors.

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