Is Divestment Your Lever to Stand Up to the Bullies of the Fossil Fuel Industry?

The fossil fuel industry is like the mean kid at school who steals your lunch money, buys candy, then leaves the wrappers on the playground. But, like, a million times worse.

So how do we stand up to this bully? We take back our money.

You’ve heard a lot about the power of divestment in dealing with these special interest groups who only seem to focus on their wallets. And there’s something to this. Now, we want to offer some guidance and resources for those interested in doing just that.

Step 1. Take your money out of banks and funds supporting the dirty industry. Divesting your resources is not only a tangible climate action, it is good economics – avoiding the boom and bust cycle these emitters create. And we found the right people to help you do just this.


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Macroclimate is a certified B Corp that donates 5% of their annual revenues to environmental research and climate action. As an organization, they represent the idea that pro-environment can also be good business. This investment service excludes major owners of fossil fuel reserves, coal-fired power plants – and reduces exposure to industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Essentially, it’s the good guys club.

They are passing on a friends and family opportunity to you, our awesome, fired up, ready-to-take-action POW community. As part of this, Macroclimate is lowering the entry level investment to $10,000. We know… that’s a lot of money for us, too! But if you do have some dollars invested and want a smart and secure way to divest, check out the POW special at Macroclimate.