We’re using this amazing collaboration as a good reason to take action on climate. Throughout the fall, we’ll build awareness for direct action to support the Clean Power Plan, the most historic effort ever by the US to reduce carbon emissions, protecting us from the impacts of climate change and helping preserve the wild places we all love.

All you need to do is buy some ice cream or beer and support the movement. Or meet us at one of our many events taking place throughout the country and write a letter to your governor and ask him/her to support the Clean Power Plan. And then have a beer. Or visit this website and do it. And then have some ice cream. Tell your friends to do the same. And we’ll all change the world.

Either way, taking action on climate is going to be fun and effective. That’s the way it should be. Thank you to New Belgium and Ben & Jerry’s for your partnership and your commitment to protecting our winters.

Protect Your Winter. Take Action Here. We can’t do this alone.

At the end of this this year, world leaders will gather in Paris at the United Nations climate change conference to forge an agreement to reduce global carbon emissions. We want to ensure that the agreement is strong and that the United State is seen as a leader, not a laggard.

For this reason, strong implementation of this new plan to reduce carbon pollution from our nation’s dirtiest power plants is so important. The Clean Power Plan is a flexible approach that allows governors in each state to design a plan to reduce carbon pollution in a way that works for them.

By taking action below and calling, tweeting, or emailing your governor – you’re supporting a healthier climate future. If you choose to make the call, here are a few talking points:

1. Tell them climate change is an important issue to you.

2. Let them know that you support a speedy transition to clean renewable sources of energy that pollute less, protect the environment, create good jobs, and protect the health of all Americans.

3. Urge them to support strong and speedy implementation of the new Clean Power Plan.

Raise A Pint for POW!

Post a photo on Instagram that illustrates your love for the outdoors (product placements mandatory), tag it #PintsForPOW and we’ll award some lucky winners more beer and ice cream weekly. And then, when the limited editions are no more, we’ll make someone feel better by awarding a grand prize Jones snowboard, signed by Jeremy Jones.

Join Us!

Come out to have a beer and ice cream with us, get a bit smarter about the Clean Power Plan and send a letter to your governor. In that order.

  • Chicago, IL, Patagonia Mag Mile Store, 10/26/15
  • San Francisco, CA, The North Face, 11/6/15
  • Grand Rapids, MI, Location TBD, 11/9/15
  • Boston, MA, Location TBD, 11/12/15
  • Seattle, WA, Patagonia Store, 11/19/15
  • Bend, OR, Patagonia Store, 12/10/15