There is so much information out there, it’s tough to know what to do,
much less know that you’re actually making a difference.

We’ll make it super-easy for you. We’ve consolidated the best and most effective actions into one short list. The POW SEVEN is simple and effective. Pledge to do the POW SEVEN once a month and you’ll make a difference.

  • 1. Get Political

    The need to act on climate policy has never been more apparent. One of the most direct ways to have an impact is to reach out to your elected officials and urge them to act on climate change. Congresspeople tell us that they just don’t hear from constituents enough. That’s got to change if we’re going to make a difference. Call, write, and tweet your elected officials to let them know you’re concerned about climate change and ask them to support a strong climate policy. And thank the ones that already do, this is important as well.  It’s quick and easy. When you call, you’re just sharing your opinion by leaving a message with a staffer, so don’t worry, no one will debate back! Elected officials base their votes on feedback from their constituents, so your voice truly matters. You don’t need to be a political junkie to do this, it’s our duty as citizens to weigh in on issues we care about.

    In 2016, we elected an administration led by climate deniers who likely won’t support positive action on climate change. However, many decisions around climate are made at the state level. Calling your state leaders will have a big impact as many states will be making decisions about considering carbon pricing, making investments in solar energy, and addressing the impact of their transportation systems. Governors, state legislators, and city councilors need to hear your voice, too. So, when you put pressure on your federal representatives, don’t forget to apply local pressure, too! We know getting political is one of the toughest steps to take, but when it comes to climate change, it’s the most effective. Challenge yourself to make a call weekly. Want to take the first step and make a call right now? We’ve made it easy for you. Thank your legislators who have been leaders by standing up to fight climate change HERE. ‘Spank’ your legislators who have not been climate champions HERE, and ask them to step up. We even made scripts to make it easy for you!

    Need more information on how your elected officials have voted?  Your local League of Conservation Voters ranks legislators on their environmental positions. Get all the contact information of your legislators you need here!

  • 2. Educate Yourself

    Understanding and explaining the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change is crucial to taking action. Read up and educate yourself on how and why climate change is happening. Understand the top arguments of climate deniers, and be ready with counter points. Don’t worry, we’ll help you, check out these resources to learn more:

    Click HERE for the basic science of climate change.

    Click HERE for answers to simple questions.

    Click HERE to read all about climate impacts.

    Click HERE for the arguments of climate deniers and counter points.

    Still eager to learn more? Read Grist and  Climate Progress every day.  Sign up for e-newsletters like The Daily Climate, Climate Nexus, or The Washington Post’s Energy and Environment. Read books about climate by POW board members: Getting Green Done and Merchants of Doubt. Then talk to people about this issue.

  • 3. Speak Up!

    Now that you’ve got the facts down, bring up the issue of climate change with your friends, family, and coworkers. Climate change often gets avoided in conversation because somehow it’s seen as controversial. It shouldn’t be. It’s backed up by tons of peer-reviewed data. Chances are you like snow? Us too. Instead of debating the science, talk about how winter is changing and how less snow is having negative impacts on the economy and on our communities. Stay positive and talk about all of the amazing benefits that come with growing a clean energy economy (Check it out HERE and HERE). Can’t answer their questions? Met someone that wants to get involved? Send them to us!

  • 4. Find Your Biggest Lever

    We all have the ability to have an impact on climate change; you just need to find your biggest lever! What’s yours? Do you have a large social media following? Repost from POW’s channels and post what you’ve been learning and reading about while researching climate change. Are you a university student? Join an environmental club on campus and ask us to help you host a night for POW. Take a step further and organize an event with a climate scientist at your school or push your school towards moving away from fossil fuels. Are you a business owner?  Make sure you have a strong corporate sustainability program that includes advocacy. Address the impacts of your products through your supply chain. Are you a good writer? Write an op-ed in your local paper. We can help you. Think critically about how you can utilize your biggest lever to create change! The possibilities are endless…we know you’re clever!

  • 5. Talk to Businesses. Vote With Your Wallet.

    Ask the company you work for if they’re leveraging their corporate weight to influence climate policy.

    Support companies that put the environment first. Do your research on what companies are doing to mitigate climate change and choose to shop at businesses that share your values. Don’t know where to start? Check out partners that support POW, and learn more about b corps and 1% for the Planet. Do you support companies not on these lists? Urge the businesses you support to become more sustainable.

  • 6. Change Your Ways, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

    Live in town? Or not too far away? Ride your bike to work, and take public transportation or carpool with friends to the mountain. Agriculture is a close second to transportation when it comes to emissions. Cutting down your red meat consumption to just once a week will have a huge impact. By now, you know you should use energy smart appliances, change your light bulbs, take shorter showers and carry reusables. Just like a few inches of snow can make for an amazing day on the hill, incorporating just a few of these in your everyday life can make a big difference too. We promise it all adds up. Got room to change your lifestyle on a bigger scale? Install solar panels, and if you rent, look to see if there is a nearby community solar project you can invest in! Drive a more efficient car – or even better – spring for an electric vehicle.

  • 7. Join POW

    Join the movement. We’ll give you the knowledge, tools and opportunities to take action. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost anything. Become a volunteer. With 143 million outdoor sports enthusiasts in the United States alone, we can be a major force in the fight against climate change.

    Sign up to volunteer with POW – tell us how you want to help at [email protected]. Host an event for POW! Ask us about how you can plan an event to educate your community about climate change. Know a student or work at a school? Help POW get our Hot Planet Cool Athletes program into middle and high schools to teach the next generation about climate change. You know the rest—follow us on social media, SIGN UP for our email list, and when we ask you to take action… do it!