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Stephanie Howe

I got involved with POW in 2016. More specifically on November 8, 2016 (anyone remember that date?!). As I woke up and stared in disbelief at the New York Times headline announcing our brand new president, my heart sank. I was angry, frustrated and sad all at once. And most of all, I felt really helpless. I wallowed in mourning for the rest of the day, wearing all black, until I decided to shape up.


So I connected with POW, because it was an obvious match that aligned with my values and beliefs. And, POW was making sh*t happen. Since then I’ve been involved in advocacy through writing, speaking, lobbying locally and nationally and having conversations with a myriad of individuals. All of these things are simple, but the magnitude of the actions is exponential. It gives me hope that we are making progress toward a better climate and a better 2020. 

As someone who loves spending my entire day outside, working with POW to protect the outdoor places and lifestyles we love is incredibly important to me.

I can’t imagine a world where I don’t have the ability to indulge in pristine landscapes available just outside my backdoor. That’s not a world I want to exist in. Let’s protect our winters and protect our earth!

I leave you with an open letter calling on you to get involved with POW as well as a toolkit to help you get started. Together we can make a difference!

Dear Trail Lovers:

The time has come for us to direct our love for the outdoors into advocacy. For some time now, our earth has been suffering. She is burdened with the weight of our human existence and ignorance to her needs. She is crumbling and needs our support. A voice to help her heal and thrive in a constantly evolving landscape. And WE AS TRAIL RUNNERS can be that voice and stand up for the outdoor spaces we love.

This is our duty and responsibility. Think about it. How many hours each week do you spend on the trails? How about in a year? Last year, I personally ran nearly 3,000 miles, almost exclusively on trails. That’s more than 25,000 hours spent on trails––and that’s just running. That doesn’t include the time spent mountain biking, skiing, hiking, dog walking, picnicking, lake dipping, mountain gazing, forest bathing, etc. And I know I’m not alone in these pursuits. We as trail runners take full advantage of the gifts that outdoor landscapes provide us. And rightfully so, but we need to be responsible for the protection of these sacred spaces as well.

So I am calling on YOU, as trail lovers, to use your voice and take action to make climate a priority. You don’t have to feel helpless in these pursuits, because we have created a toolkit to direct you to specific ways to advocate for the things that matter to you. STARTING TODAY.

With Much Love,

Stephanie Howe
POW Trail Leader & Lover of Mother Earth

The POW Trail Toolkit

What is POW Trail?

POW Trail is here to help trail runners become effective climate advocates. We all love to recreate in the outdoors, but sometimes can feel helpless when it comes to engaging in policy. POW Trail was created to give trail enthusiasts a voice and help us band together to make meaningful change.

POW Trail is an inclusive group for all who want to be involved. If you love trails and want to get involved, we salute you!

Download the toolkit here >>>