The Alpine Collective Joins Protect Our Winters as a Contributing Partner

BOULDER, Colo.—January 11, 2016, The Alpine Collective and Protect Our Winters (POW) are proud to announce a partnership to continue raising awareness on climate change and uniting the winter sports community in Park City, UT and in ski towns across the USA.
The Alpine Collective is a Park City membership organization focused on enjoying the mountain town lifestyle, protecting the environment and supporting the mountain town economy. Protect Our Winters mobilizes the international outdoor sports community to take action on climate change.

The Alpine Collective engages their community through co-sponsorships, partnerships and local events, making lasting contributions for a stronger, more engaged and more sustainable Park City. The Alpine Collective inspires their local community through events, music, sports, athletes, movies, speaker series, and more! Together POW and The Alpine Collective can positively impact communities and outdoor focused industries and create meaningful change.

Conor Quinn, Founder of the Alpine Collective, is a long-standing supporter of POW. One of the Alpine Collective’s first events was a speaker series with Chris Steinkamp, Executive Director of Protect Our Winters. The Alpine Collective has also worked closely with the Park City Council to make carbon reduction and climate change top priorities, and has positioned them to be at the forefront of every decision made by city government. Additionally, the Alpine Collective has crafted a resolution calling for other governments to match City Hall’s and Park City’s own environmental aspirations to reach what is known as “net zero” in carbon emissions by 2022, and 2032, respectively.

The Alpine Collective is growing, inviting new members and local businesses to become members, as well as aligning themselves with best in class partners.

“Protect Our Winters is the voice and force behind the outdoor sports community’s fight against climate change,” said Conor Quinn, Founder of The Alpine Collective. “The Alpine Collective is proud to join POW to collaboratively raise awareness about climate change and unite the winter sports community in Park City, UT and in other ski resorts across the US.”

“Conor and the Alpine Collective epitomize how individuals within the outdoor community can lead a charge,” commented Torrey Udall, Manager of Development at Protect Our Winters. “Using its influence to create a movement on climate, The Alpine Collective utilizes its local voice to have disproportionately wide-reaching influence. We are grateful for the years of support they provided POW and we are proud to announce them as a contributing partner.”

Moving forward, The Alpine Collective will encourage both members and locals to join POW’s efforts through print, digital and social campaigns, as well as partner with POW to create events, products and more.

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Protect Our Winters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that engages and mobilizes the outdoor sports community to lead the fight against climate change through educational initiatives, political advocacy and community-based activism. Founded by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, Protect Our Winters works with businesses, athletes and the community to harness the collective power of the outdoor sports industry to take meaningful action against climate change. For more information, visit

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