Leading the Charge: How POW’s CEO Summit is Driving Corporate Climate Advocacy Forward


By: Patrick King

Photos by Jack Elder

Since POW’s inception in 2007, brand partners and business leaders have been integral to our advocacy efforts. Today, the partners on our Brand Alliance are more engaged than ever, helping POW connect with the Outdoor State™ to reach and train new climate advocates, lobbying to prioritize climate policy and providing essential funding for our campaigns and operations.

CEOs are uniquely positioned to bring advocacy work to life by weaving climate action into their corporate structure and strategy in impactful ways. On May 28 – 29, 2024, POW hosted its second annual CEO Summit, creating deeper connections with some of today’s leading CEOs. Our goals were to foster lasting relationships, facilitate a forum for peer-to-peer discussions on the challenges and successes of advocacy and inspire CEOs to champion climate advocacy within their organizations.

A panel discussion during the 2024 POW CEO Summit

Stephen Badger, former Chairman and current Board Member at Mars Inc. hosted the Summit. “Corporates have such a critical role to play in climate advocacy work, whether it’s through employee engagement, storytelling or working to influence policy,” said Badger. “Spending time with leading CEOs at our Summit leaves me ever more convinced that POW enhances the ability of a business to do just that while also giving businesses a voice and community they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

In addition to the presentations and forum discussion, we made time to get outside, because sometimes the best ideas come while out on the trail with friends and colleagues. We also heard from legendary mountaineer,  POW Athlete Alliance member and current POW board co-chair Jim Morrison, who delivered a moving keynote address.

POW staff and Brand Alliance partners enjoying a hike in Aspen

Steve Howard, Chairman at Bemis Associates, was also essential to bringing this event to life. “Our primary goal at the Summit was to create connection and shared learning among CEOs centered on the opportunities, tactics, and roadblocks to taking on advocacy at their organization. I left inspired knowing that each CEO came away with a fresh perspective and a new support network for implementing this important work.”

Now, the real work begins for POW. We are diving in to incorporate the invaluable insights from the CEO Summit into our Brand Alliance strategy and to nurture the incredible connections made during the event. Thank you to all who participated. Together, we are making a difference:

11th Hour Racing


Deckers Brands

Bemis Associates


Aspen One

U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team

1% for the Planet

element6 Dynamics

Kevin Rutherford (former CEO of Nuun Hydration)

Stephen Badger (Mars Corp Board)

Jim Morrison (featured POW professional athlete)

Facilitator: Kelly Dwyer

Photographer: Jack Elder

Patrick King

Author: Patrick King

Patrick grew up between the lakes and coast of southern Maine, where 60-degree water temps are considered warm and the amazing summer months made the long mud seasons worth it. Today, Patrick calls Carbondale, Colorado and the Roaring Fork valley home where he ski tours in the Elk Mountains in the winter, rides its trails […]