Dakota Jones

Dakota Jones


Dakota Jones is a mountain runner from Durango, Colorado. He has been running trails ever since he found that trail running wasn’t nearly as competitive as road running, and that it might give him a shot at being famous. He still isn’t famous, but it turns out he really likes exploring wild places on foot. Indeed, this unexpected appreciation of nature has resulted in him doing all kinds of complicated things in order to try to save the environment, like taking a cargo ship across the ocean and being a pain in the ass at potlucks by not eating meat. Lately, he has come to accept that compromises are inevitable, and that the goal must be to choose which compromises to make and then work to reduce them over time. By working with POW, he’s hoping to utilize his ability to run fast on trails to promote sustainability and respect, which sounds like two things that wouldn’t work together, but which in reality are surprisingly interconnected. Please go follow him on Instagram and get all your friends to do so too. His self-esteem depends on it.


Colorado, USA

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