Micheli Oliver


Micheli Oliver is a photographer, filmmaker and activist. Their hope is to facilitate connection with the world we all come from and to help folx fall in love with the land we must protect. They center BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ voices in all that they do and work to create intentional safe space for honest and joyful storytelling. They look for loud voices that refuse to be silenced, both human and more-than-humans. When Oliver picks up their camera they wield it with compassion, consent and reciprocity understanding the importance of autonomy in personal story. Everything Oliver does is to help bring humxns back toward
a relationship with the land and to uplift voices that are so often unheard.

Oliver just finished their debut film “Provide” and has worked as the stills photographer on  “Spirit of the Peaks” by WonderCamp and “Who Is a Runner” by Camp4Collective. Their photo and writing work is published in Backcountry Magazine, Powder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, Sisu Magazine and has been featured with Fujifilm, Patagonia, Hydroflask, Solomon, Backcountry, REI and more. Follow their work on their website loudmouthvisuals.com or on instagram @micheliphoto.


Maine, USA

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