Energizing Our Communities Act (EOCA)

Energizing Our Communities Act (EOCA)

In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) invested $369 billion in clean energy infrastructure. It’s a solid move, but we aren’t at the summit yet. To reach our climate goals, we need to unlock the full potential of the IRA and POW is ready for the summit push! We have nearly 1,400 gigawatts (GW) of generation and storage capacity that is waiting to be connected to the grid, but we need rapid transmission development to reach its full potential. This bill aims to overcome local opposition by reinvesting federal funds back into hosting communities, including tribal governments, for vital needs like roads, schools, libraries, hospitals, and of course, outdoor recreation. As members of the Outdoor State™, we’ll be the ones recreating in the shadows of transmission lines and clean energy infrastructure and we want responsible development that will prioritize our communities and the landscapes we love. Your voice is key to powering the clean energy transition.


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Rep. Annie Kuster

Sen. Peter Welch

EOCA for Dummies

We know that you'd rather be out in the mountains than reading our policy documents, so we caught up with Ben Gubits, POW's VP of Advocacy & Campaigns to break down what's in the bill, why POW is the right organization to endorse it and why it matters to the Outdoor State™.

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Advocating for policies that allow communities access to clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet is our responsibility. Communities coast to coast in all seasons are seeing undeniable impacts of climate change. The science is clear, and the moment is now - we need to rapidly scale our ability to get more clean energy onto the grid, and I’m proud to support the Energizing Our Communities Act. This legislation provides real incentives and benefits to communities that host mission-critical transmission infrastructure and hopefully will inspire more YIMBYism (Yes In My Back Yard). This common ground and common sense legislation is about providing community benefits and securing the future of outdoor recreation and the communities that rely on it. It’s time for Congress to take bold action and lead the way for a sustainable future.

- Jeremy Jones, professional snowboarder & POW founder

Expanding transmission lines is key to achieving a clean energy future and ensuring long-term welfare of communities in Vermont, New England, and across the country. But building a comprehensive and reliable transmission grid that connects communities to renewable energy won’t happen overnight. That’s why it’s crucial to support community buy-in programs that work to increase transmission build out at the ground level,” said Sen. Welch, member of the Senate Agriculture Committee and Chair of the Subcommittee on Rural Development and Energy. The Energizing Our Communities Act works to strengthen the nation’s transmission grid by fostering a healthy relationship between communities and developers. This will be critical to boosting clean power capacity nationwide so we can lower energy costs, increase resiliency from extreme weather events, and help meet rising clean energy demands.

- Senator Peter Welch (D-VT)

If we are going to transition to a clean energy future, it’s critical we expand our energy grid’s transmission capacity,” said Rep. Kuster. “These projects will be a win-win for all by increasing the capacity of clean energy transmission and investing in local communities. This legislation will provide support for economic development, infrastructure and recreation improvements, and conservation and stewardship while promoting a clean energy future

- Representative Annie Kuster (D-NH)

At REI, we believe climate change poses an existential threat to our co-op, society, and planet and we aim to halve our emissions over the course of this decade on the pathway to net zero emissions. That’s why we support the Energizing Our Communities Act as a commonsense bill to expand clean energy while investing in outdoor recreation infrastructure, conservation, stewardship, and natural climate solutions in those communities that are helping to transition the U.S. to a clean energy economy

- Taldi Harrison, Community & Government Affairs Director, REI Co-op.

At Burton, we fully acknowledge the urgent need for climate action and the pivotal role clean energy plays in building a healthy planet where all people can thrive. We endorse the Energizing Our Communities Act because it not only builds toward a zero-carbon energy grid, it also invests and empowers the communities impacted by clean energy development. This dual investment – in infrastructure and community – is vital for building toward the future we all want to see. At Burton, we’ve long been committed to doing our part for the planet – from removing carbon-intensive materials from our products to reducing our environmental footprint through clean energy investments. But we know we alone can’t tackle the scale of the crisis in front of us. We’re proud to support common sense solutions like the EOCA which will help build the infrastructure we all need to move toward a clean energy future.

- Ashley Laporte, VP of Sustainability & Impact, Burton

At Protect Our Winters (POW), we experience the urgency of the climate crisis directly in our snow, water, trails, and time outside. The path forward is in the transformative power of renewable energy, so we partnered with legislators to introduce our first federal legislation (EOCA) to support grid and community development in the energy transition. This legislation is a testament to the power of how a team of passionate athletes, creatives, scientists, brands, and policymakers can come together to build a better future.

- Erin Sprague, CEO, Protect Our Winters

Today marks a significant step in our collective effort towards a clean energy future. This bill addresses outdated infrastructure, bureaucratic hurdles and NIMBYism, offering tangible benefits to communities embracing clean energy infrastructure. EOCA will not only accelerate permitting at the local level but also bolster local economies and fund vital community needs. At POW, we recognize the urgency of the climate crisis and the promise of a zero-carbon energy grid. This important bill will forge a path to our collective determination to leave behind a better world for future generations.

- Ben Gubits, VP of Campaigns & Advocacy, Protect Our Winters

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